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United States Senate Committee on Agriculture Nutrition & Forestry

Business Meeting: Farm Bill Markup

Thursday, April 26, 2012
10:30 AM
328A Russell Senate Office Building
Chairwoman Stabenow
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S. ______, the Agriculture Reform, Food, and Jobs Act of 2012

The Committee ordered reported the original bill by a roll call vote of 16-5

For more information regarding farm bill legislation, please visit the Farm Bill page.

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Business Meeting Summary
Farm Bill Markup Summary

Amendments Accepted
Baucus Amendment #12
Brown Amendment #6
Casey Amendment Number 5 (Modified)
Chambliss second-degree amendment to Conrad amendment #1
Conrad Amendment #1
Johanns Amendment #4
Leahy Amendment #5
Roberts Amendment to Leahy Amendment #5

Amendments Offered and Withdrawn
Baucus Amendment #1
Bennet Amendment #1
Boozman Amendment #1
Boozman Amendment #3
Boozman Amendment #4
Brown Amendment #8 Substitute
Casey Amendment #1
Sen. Chambliss #17
Gillibrand Amendment #3

Hoeven Amendment #1
Nelson Amendment #1

Farm Bill Drafts
2012 Farm Bill Committee Print April 20 2012
Red-Line Summary of Manager's Amendment to the 2012 Farm Bill Committee Print
Manager's Amendment
S. 3240 - Reported to the Senate - May 24, 2012