Hearing Transcripts

Public hearing transcripts are published after each committee hearing.  They include opening statements by senators and witnesses, documents submitted for the record, questions submitted by senators, and the witnesses’ responses to these questions.

acrobatS. Hrg. 112-505 - Nomination Hearing of Michael T. Scuse, Chester J. Culver and Bruce J. Sherrick
acrobatS. Hrg. 112-504 - Investigative Hearing on the MF Global Bankruptcy
mp3Business Meeting 12-6-11
acrobatS. Hrg. 112-503 - Continuing Oversight of the Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act
acrobatS. Hrg. 112-287 - Looking Ahead: Kansas and the 2012 Farm Bill
acrobatBusiness Meeting Transcript
acrobatS. Hrg. 112-285 - Nomination of Brian T. Baenig, of the District of Columbia, to be an Assistant Secretary of Agriculture, U.S. Department of Agriculture
acrobatS. Hrg. 112-286 - Opportunities for Specialty Crops and Organics in the Farm Bill
acrobatS. Hrg. 112-284 - Nomination of Mark P. Wetjen, of Nevada, to be a Commissioner of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission
acrobatS. Hrg. 112-283 - Growing Jobs in Rural America
acrobatS. Hrg. 112-282 - The State of Livestock in America
acrobatS. Hrg. 112-281 - Farm Bill Accountability: The Importance of Measuring Performance, While Eliminating Duplication and Waste
acrobatS. Hrg. 112-280 - One Year Later - The Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act: Implementation of Title VII
acrobatS. Hrg. 112-279 - Opportunities for Growth: Michigan and the 2012 Farm Bill
acrobatS. Hrg. 112-278 - Food for Thought: The Role, Risks, and Challenges for American Agriculture and the Next Farm Bill in Meeting the Demands of a Growing World